Project Management

All you have to do is move in.

Many people want to build their dream home. Building your own home means the chance to live where you want to live, in the style you’ve always dreamed of. It means not having to sacrifice your unique vision and needs or settling for something that isn’t exactly what you want. But it isn’t easy. Handling contracts, negotiating with contractors, hiring designers, and making your vision come to life, close to budget and on time isn’t for the faint of heart. It is a full-time job. And well it may seem tempting to oversee your build on the weekends or in your free time, it may slow or halt progress as contractors leave to complete other jobs.
In addition to work not being completed, another issue many home-builders face, is failing to accurately plan for contingencies. Usually this means, by the time the build is finished they are way over their budget. By hiring us to oversee your build you can relax and trust that your project will run smoothly. We manage your entire project from securing property, designing it and building it and keep you as close to your budget and time-line as possible. By working with us you won’t spend all your free time worrying about the progress of your build, or waste money waiting years to get into your home while the cost of labour increases.

Our Project Management services include:

  • Securing Property
  • Negotiating with Suppliers
  • Hiring Dependable Contractors, and Overseeing their Work
  • Scheduling deliveries and work
  • Planning for Contingencies/Crisis Management – We deal with any complications that may arise and work to resolve them as quickly as possible.
  • Managing your Budget – We work to stay as close to your budget as possible, informing you when unexpected costs arrive and working out solutions that won’t impact your bottom line.
  • Crisis Management – Handling unseen complications that happen during a build
  • Communication – We will keep you informed about any changes, costs and time delays as they happen. We will communicate with contractors, and suppliers on your behalf.
  • Time Management – We will work with a set plan to ensure your build happens within a set time frame. If unforeseen delays occur, we will manage them to get your project back on track.

If you’d like us to manage your build, we can help. Contact us today.